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Villager Magazine owner Angie Bynum posing with a fan of Villager Magazines.

The Villager Magazine Story


In 2007 we started a small children’s performance group in Cedar Hills, Utah and needed to advertise. In researching our options, we found that direct mail advertising was expensive. Furthermore, the distribution areas were much larger than we needed. We tried flyers and door hangers, but they were incredibly time consuming and often inconvenient for our small staff. It was clear we needed another option.

From our frustrations came the idea for a small, local advertising publication that would mainly target our local community in Alpine, Highland and Cedar Hills. We made it affordable for small business owners and designed it to present the high quality we were looking for when representing our own business.

Due to the success local businesses had advertising with us and because feedback from the community was so positive, we decided to share our concept with other communities. We found that targeting local areas with classy advertisements mainly from businesses located within the same area is an effective way to excite people about buying from local business owners.

As the years have passed, we’ve added new zones, each with its own Villager Magazine targeted specifically to it. Our distribution has grown from 10,000 to over 190,000, and much more growth is to come!

We owe the success we’ve had to the amazing business owners who took a chance on us from the beginning as well as the loyal consumers who chose to support local businesses who advertised in Villager Magazine.

Our hope is that Villager Magazine will be a welcomed asset and help build a sense of local pride, loyalty, and a thriving economy in all of the communities in which it is distributed.