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Print Advertising Still Works

Why Print Advertising Delivers Results


In a world so vastly connected through technology, it may seem hard to find a place for any sort of print that can accomplish something technology cannot. Studies have shown that advertising digitally cannot be as effective as print advertising in some respects. Here are 5 reasons to never give up on print advertising regardless of how advanced technology may become in the years ahead:


  1. Print Advertising Offers Credibility and Branding – Creating a print ad allows your company to create brand recognition and credibility. Through the use of consistent fonts, colors, and textures, you have the ability to create a recognizable, credible ad that customers will recognize and come to depend upon. There is a sense of credibility that comes with an ad found in a printed publication.


  1. Print Advertising Lasts Longer – Thanks to the Internet, advertising can be destroyed and lost just as quickly as it is created and found. When ads are printed, the customer has access to it as long as the print exists. Most ads placed in publications like the Yellow Pages are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Ads placed in magazine publications are often viewed consistently by certain groups of readers as they usually have a loyal base of subscribers. Magazines, newspapers, and books can stay in homes and offices for weeks, months, and years, whereas digital ads and articles are viewed on the Internet many times during their debut, but are often lost in cyberspace and forgotten about after the fact.


  1. Print Advertising Creates Engagement and Tangibility – When consumers read ads while scrolling on a screen, the ads do not have a very significant impact. A study done by Alshaali and Varshney in 2005 found that people read on-screen text 20 – 30 percent slower than they read printed publications. When a person picks up an ad to read it, they are better able to process and receive its message as the advertiser intended it to be received.


  1. Print Advertising Can Be Customized to Target a Certain Audience – With print advertising, companies can choose where they want their advertising to go, who they want it to go to and, if applicable, what niche or market they want to target. From ad inserts to full-page ads, companies can be more specific in their targeted audience with a print ad that is viewed by a specific group than they can with a digital ad that is viewed by a general population.


  1. Print Advertising is Less Common Than Online Advertising – Since the rise of technological advances, many companies have switched to strictly digital or online advertising in an attempt to reach a greater consumer base. While this method is admirable, this also keeps those companies who stay true to the print ads one step ahead. Many companies who advertise in print also advertise online, and the two can work together, but the key to success is continuing to advertise in print even when advertising online. Since print advertising is becoming less common, it is actually more recognizable when a company produces a captivating print ad. There is also usually more space available for print ads, depending on the publication, because companies are simply not buying up ad space like they used to – giving companies that are buying up ad space a greater opportunity to do so. People in today’s society aren’t used to seeing well-done print ads on a regular basis, so a really well done advertisement printed in their favorite magazine or inserted into the playbill at a local community theater is bound to catch a consumer’s attention.


Print advertising will work wonders for the branding of your business. It creates credibility, tangibility, and engagement for your company while also creating trust among your customers and expanding your clientele.

This blog was written by Morgan Hampton.

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