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10 Reasons To Advertise In Villager Magazine

#1 – It works!  Hundreds of business owners successfully advertise in Villager Magazine.

#2 – It’s local and targeted.  People like to support local businesses. Studies show the majority of consumers purchase goods and services within a relatively short distance of where they live and work. Each edition of Villager Magazine is distributed in zones consisting of 20,000 to 25,000 homes and businesses so advertisers can target their most likely customers.

#3 – It’s small & keep-able.  It sits nicely by the phone, in a purse, or in a car and doesn’t beg to be thrown away like most junk mail.

#4 – It’s unique.  It doesn’t look like typical junk mail and companies get more attention because of it!

#5 – It’s affordable.  A commitment has been made to keep our prices down so they will remain affordable for all business owners.

#6 – It appeals to women.  Villager Magazine is especially appealing to women, who are the primary buyers of goods and services.

#7 – Its high quality.  With glossy, thick pages of rich-looking ads (plus inserts), Villager Magazine is hard to resist. We focus on keeping ads modest and classy so they’ll appeal to everyone.

#8 – It increases perceived value.  Testimonials have been given to us by consumers who say the advertisers in Villager Magazine look better to them because Villager is classy.

#9 – Its variety is an asset.  We don’t saturate Villager Magazine with businesses who provide the same products or services, which makes it more appealing to viewers and helps prevent advertisers from getting a watered-down response.

#10 – It has a big audience.  Villager Magazine is distributed by mail to all cities in Utah County and parts of Salt Lake County. Advertisers say they regularly get told by friends and family how much they like seeing their ads in Villager, and many of our advertisers use Villager Magazine for themselves.